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Food Costs Surge:

Under Joe Biden's administration, food costs have skyrocketed by 21%, placing a heavier burden on American households.

Rising Rent Costs:

Rent prices have surged by 19% during Joe Biden's presidency, making housing affordability a growing concern for many families.

Increasing Power Costs:

Power expenses have seen a significant spike of 29% under Joe Biden's tenure, adding strain to household budgets and raising questions about energy policy impacts.

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Fentanyl Crisis Escalates:

Over the past few years, the nation has been rocked by a harrowing 94% surge in fentanyl-related deaths since 2019. It's not just a statistic; it's a devastating reality affecting communities across the country. From urban centers to rural towns, families are grappling with the tragic loss of loved ones to this epidemic. Addressing this crisis demands a coordinated effort involving law enforcement, healthcare providers, community organizations, and policymakers.

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Popular Opinion on Border Security:

A prevailing sentiment among Americans sees 57% favoring the border security strategies of the Trump administration, contrasting with a minority, just 22%, expressing confidence in the border policies pursued under the Biden administration. This discrepancy underscores deep-seated concerns regarding the efficacy of current border approaches and signals a widespread call for more robust measures to tackle the complexities of immigration challenges.

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Surging Gasoline Prices:

Americans are feeling the pinch at the pump as gasoline costs have surged by a staggering 48%. This significant increase in fuel prices poses challenges for households and businesses alike, impacting everything from transportation expenses to the cost of goods and services. As consumers grapple with the burden of higher fuel costs, there is a growing urgency for solutions to alleviate this economic strain and ensure affordability for all.

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Rising Electricity Rates:

The burden on consumers is compounded as electricity prices soar by 28%, hitting household budgets hard. This sharp increase not only affects individual finances but also raises concerns about the broader economic implications, including the cost of living and business operations. As families and businesses navigate the challenges of higher energy bills, there is a pressing need for strategies to mitigate these rising costs and promote energy affordability and sustainability.

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Natural Gas Prices:

Natural gas costs have surged by 27%, amplifying financial pressures on households and industries alike. This substantial increase in prices not only impacts heating bills but also reverberates throughout the economy, affecting manufacturing, transportation, and overall cost of living. As consumers grapple with the strain of higher energy expenses, there is a growing imperative for measures to address the root causes of this escalation and ensure energy affordability and stability in the long term.